A Message from Mary

Thank you for your interest in my work! 

Clients who have found my work most profound and impactful: 

  • Have successfully worked with other healers and techniques and have deepened their self understanding of their own spirituality.
  • Are ready to take their personal development to the next level and are ready to see their true essence.
  • Are committed to their personal work and spiritual growth, including seeing what is working... and ready to face what is not.
  • Feel they have more to contribute to others, yet feel stuck on what that means for them. 

Does this sound like where you are right now? 

If so, then allow me to share what our journey together might look like...


The first session that I offer to all of my clients is a Soul Attunement, which is an essential step before doing further work with me, such as coaching, classes, and workshops.  

During a Soul Attunement the Guides blend with my energy field as we tune into yours, assisting you to see beneath your surface problems to the underlying core issues and emotional challenges. We support you with powerful insights regarding your life purpose, divine gifts, and how to transform your current life challenges into life opportunities. This support often includes teaching and practical steps you can take toward finding deep inner healing, with the goal of accessing your core essence and manifesting your fullest potential. 

While oftentimes amazing (and surprising!) information comes through from higher dimensions, I do not consider myself a psychic. I’m an intuitive healer. And while you are encouraged to bring any and all questions you have regarding your life, know that in addition to addressing your immediate concerns, ultimately the Guides (and I) are focused on supporting your spiritual and emotional healing, empowering you to access your own intuitive connection.

A Soul Attunement averages one hour and 45 minutes, however It's best to save two hours, and I recommend that you not schedule anything immediately afterwards. The fee is $320 for first session. Additional sessions are usually shorter in duration at $160 per hour.

A brief consultation (15 min) is available at no charge if you need more information. 

If this feels like something you are looking for, please click on the link below to connect with me.

Please note that while I am often booked out 2 to 3 months in advance, currently my first available appointments are in October.  This is a longer wait than normal because I am taking a 3 month sabbatical from my work this summer to recover from some health challenges.  I very well may not not need that much time, and if I am back to work sooner, I will contact those clients who have already scheduled sessions with me, and set them into my calendar sooner. Thanks so much for your understanding and I look forward to meeting you in the fall.